Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Links Loved

Hey guys! Long time no blog :)

I will spare you the excuses, because for today I'm pleased to share with you some blogs that I've been enjoying recently.

Pankakes and French Fries - What a yummy blog title, huh? Jules is a truly gifted writer, and I enjoy reading her blog. Posts I've truly enjoyed recently: Two in Six and The Genetics of Perfectionism.

Rachel Henderson Photography - Every now and then, Rachel, who is a wonderful photographer, will post a picture or video about her little family of 5 (soon to be six). Just a look at the slider-header in her blog gives you the idea.

Tag für Tag - When I purged my RSS feeds two weeks ago, of all the blogs I had, Marit was definitely staying on my list. She writes in German about crafts/cooking/family life. Her quilts are a dream.

Dulce Delight - Raiza Costa has created her own 50's inspired TV-baking-show - I will share here a direct link to the most infamous chocolate cake on the net, her Chocolate Soufflé Cake.

So this is it, a mix of crafts, photos, food and good reading. Enjoy!

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