Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

I used to be addicted to scrapbooking

This blog is not dead.

It's been on my mind for the last year quite often, what to do with it.

The main reason that I am absent is because I'm not addicted to scrapbooking anymore. Last year's "One Little Word" was crucial in bringing me back to my life. My life, as in: health, friends, love, work.

I used my addiction to scrapbooking to compensate for things that were not working in my life. They were not working in the first place because I was busy visiting scrapbook sites and buying scrapbook supplies. The first step was to stop buying scrapbook supplies, no matter what. No classes, no materials.

The benefits have been enormous. More money, more time, less craving, less time spent on the internet.  I got more productive and creative with work, and most important: I am taking care of the areas in my life that needed attention.

I still am creative and using my scrapbook supplies when I need to. But I have a fierce desire to live my life instead of scrapbooking it.

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  1. That is fantastic!! Good for you!! Balance is a very important thing in life...